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Building Resilience: Strategies for Navigating Stressful Times

Minx Boren
Health & Fitness

Course Description

From the personal to the global and everything in between, we face challenges and uncertainty no matter where we turn. How do we find ways to respond rather than react to all that vie for our attention and threatens to overwhelm us? Drawing on cutting-edge research from the fields of Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, and brain science, Coach Minx Boren will present information and resources that can impact our resilience – our ability to adapt and bounce back. We will explore ways to stay centered, clear-minded, open-hearted, and positively focused in these interactive classes. Handouts, online surveys, and PowerPoint presentations will be used. Space is limited.


  1. Stress Makes Us Stupid! Dis-Ease interferes with our ability to think clearly and function well.
  2. Staying Health-Wise: Strong body, healthy mind, indomitable spirit.
  3. Finding Hope: Succumbing to dismay interferes with our amazing human capacity to be creative, generative, solution-oriented.
  4. Community Counts/Count on Your Communities: None of us is wise enough or strong enough alone.

About the Instructor

  • Minx Boren, MCC, is a Master Certified Coach credentialed through the International Coach Federation. Boren is the author of 16 books and workbooks. She is a columnist for various publications, as well as a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. Since 1994, she has been designing, developing, and presenting innovative programs that support health and balance, reflection and achievement. Boren is a past president of Executive Women of the Palm Beaches and has served on the Board of the Women's Foundation of Florida since 2007. She is a 2013 recipient of the Giraffe Award, presented by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce to women who stick their necks out for others. She is also an activist with Elders for Climate Action (ECA) and has facilitated webinars on The Empowered Elder as well as on Sustainable Living. For more information: