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The Best of Portraits of Musical Greatness

Giuseppe Albanese
Music / History
Video Catch-up

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Over the last twenty years, Giuseppe Albanese has presented a series of exceptional documentaries dealing with people and places from the exciting world of Grand Opera. In this lecture series, he has carefully chosen the finest programs from the Grand Opera collection. Maestro Albanese will provide interesting insight and commentary on each of the topics related to the music and drama that is the Grand Opera.


  1. If I were a Rich Man: The Life of Tenor Jan Peerce
  2. Beyond Music: The Remarkable Career of Spanish Soprano, Montserrat Caballe
  3. Placido Domingo: My Favorite Roles
  4. Renee Fleming: All American Diva
  5. Hollywood Goes to the Opera: A Look at the Marriage of Two Art Forms
  6. Made in America: The Beverly Sills Story
  7. Richard Tucker:  American Caruso
  8. Viva Verdi: The Life, Times, and Music of the Premier Italian Opera Composer of the 19th Century

About the Instructor

  • Giuseppe Albanese attended the University of Vermont and received his degree in history in 1966. In 1989, after five years of intensive study, he developed a dynamic education program entitled "The Joy of Opera." For the past 30 years, he has lectured extensively on numerous operatic subjects and has produced several video documentaries. Albanese will be celebrating 26 years with Lifelong Learning at FAU in 2021.

    Recipient of the 2000 Excellence in Teaching Award