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A Tribute to Franco Zeffirelli, Part I: The Met Productions

Giuseppe Albanese
Music / Drama
Video Catch-up

Course Description

"A colossus that bestrides two worlds." This is an apt description of one of the most important late 20th-century opera figures, Franco Zeffirelli, who passed from the scene in late 2019. Zeffirelli began his artistic career as a set and costume designer under the famed director Luchino Visconti and evolved into one of the most innovative and creative producer/directors in opera and film. He often combined the two genres to spectacular effect. Zeffirelli had a special relationship with the world-famous Met Opera house. This course will feature three of his most successful Met productions, two of which are still presented more than 30 years after their premiers. These three productions will be shown in their entirety during two consecutive weekly sessions. All have English subtitles. Maestro Albanese will provide fascinating commentary and anecdotal history for both the operas and the composer.


  1. La Boheme: The Oldest of the Met Productions with Carraras, Stratas, and Scotto
  2. La Boheme: Part II
  3. Tosca: One of Puccini's Favorites with Domingo and Berhans
  4. Tosca: Part II
  5. Turandot: Puccini's Swan Song with Domingo, Marton, and Pliska
  6. Turandot: Part II

About the Instructor

  • Giuseppe Albanese attended the University of Vermont and received his degree in history in 1966. In 1989, after five years of intensive study, he developed a dynamic education program entitled The Joy of Opera. For the past 30 years, he has lectured extensively on numerous operatic subjects and has produced several video documentaries. Maestro Albanese will be celebrating 26 years with Lifelong Learning at FAU in 2021.

    Recipient of the 2000 Excellence in Teaching Award