Highlights from the World's Greatest Operas

Giuseppe Albanese
Music / Drama

Course Description

Maestro Albanese once again offers one of his most popular and sucessful programs. He will be showcasing, through video clips, moments from spectacular operatic productions. These legendary operas feature world-renowned casts and composers and come from some of the greatest opera houses in the world. In essence, each session presents a condensed version of a masterwork with some brief commentary and anecdotal history provided by the presenter. The series will begin with the ABCs of opera.


1. Aida by Verdi - The prolific composer beats the French at their own grand opera game.
2. La Boheme by Puccini - A tragic love affair set on the left bank of 19th century Paris.
3. Carmen by Bizet - A young soldier runs afoul of a gypsy temptress.
4. Rigoletto by Verdi -  It's good to be the Duke.
5. Boris Godunov by Mussorsky - By popular demand. The story of the ill-fated tsar who followed Ivan the Terrible.
6. Tosca by Puccini - Set in Rome. An early "me too" musical offering.
7. Manon by Massenet - The dangers of an over-sexed young vixen and a love struck young nobleman.
8. L' Africaine by Meyerbeer - The age of exploration never sounded so good.

About the Instructor

  • Giuseppe Albanese attended the University of Vermont and received his degree in history in 1966. In 1989, after five years of intensive study, he developed a dynamic education program entitled, The Joy of Opera. For the past 25 years, he has lectured extensively on numerous operatic subjects and has produced several video documentaries.

    Recipient of the 2000 Excellence in Teaching Award