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Portraits of Musical Greatness: Persons, Places and Things from the World of Opera

Giuseppe Albanese
Music / Drama

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Maestro Albanese presents a series of educational and entertaining programs celebrating the magnificence of many musical legends of the opera stage and their works. He will also enhance the visual materials with interesting anecdotal commentary whenever possible.


  1. The Language of Opera: A visual guide to the terminology of the genre from A to Z.
  2. Beyond Music: The life, times and music of legendary soprano, Montserrat Caballe.
  3. American Caruso: Music from the spectacular American tenor, Richard Tucker, in his most famous roles.
  4. Hollywood Goes to the Opera: Incredible moments from motion pictures using music from the world of opera as the soundtrack.
  5. The Puccini Heroines: From the beginning to the end of his compositional life, women played a key role in Puccini's works.
  6. Highlights from the Verismo Operas: The late 19th century movement emphasized reality and the coarseness of peasant life.
  7. The Comic World of Rossini: Great moments from the ''Buffa" repertory of the famous "Composer of the Sun."
  8. Mad About Opera: Selections from operas featuring the plot induced madness of various soprano characters.

About the Instructor

  • Giuseppe Albanese attended the University of Vermont and received his degree in history in 1966. In 1989, after five years of intensive study, he developed a dynamic education program entitled The Joy of Opera. For the past 30 years, he has lectured extensively on numerous operatic subjects and has produced several video documentaries. Maestro Albanese will be celebrating 25 years with Lifelong Learning at FAU in 2020.

    Recipient of the 2000 Excellence in Teaching Award

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