The Hollywood Blacklist and Why It Matters

Joseph Dorinson
History / Movies

Course Description

Professor Dorinson will explore the roots of Popular Front leftist creativity during the Great Depression, its impact on World War Il propaganda films, and the backlash generated by Cold War fears of Communist subversion. Using film clips, PowerPoint, and specific actors in a cogent presentation, he will illustrate a profound truth, re. Dalton Trumbo, "there were no winners or losers, only victims" in that troubled time with powerful lessons for us today. The Front, a film starring Woody Allen as actor, not director, will serve as a template for Professor Dorinson's thesis. Several books by Walter Bernstein, Victor Navasky, Ellen Shrecker, Richard Jewell, and Mark Harris should provide substantive information along with keen insights.

About the Instructor

  • Joseph Dorinson has been a professor in the History Department at Long Island University since 1966. Dorinson has written the book, Kvetching and Shpritzing: Jewish Humor in American Popular Culture(2015), and has co-edited the book, Jackie Robinson: Race, Sports and the American Dream (1999). He has written numerous articles on a variety of subjects concerning his beloved borough of Brooklyn, focusing on athletic heroes, sports history, film history, politics, humor, and ethnicity. He has organized conferences at LIU on Jackie Robinson (1997), Brooklyn (1998), Paul Robeson (1998) and Basketball, (2001) at St. Francis College in Brooklyn. He was inducted into the Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative Hall of Fame on Nov. 14, 2019.

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