The Dueling Cavaliers

Marc Newman

Course Description

This four-week series is about the history of dueling between men, women, and men and women. Aside from bringing in some of the weapons each week there will be on display the original article that was written about Jim Bowie in his duel that made his reputation as a great knife duelist. The stories of french women duelists will be shared discussed. One who actually passed herself off as a man so she could duel and was a champion swordsman. Another personality, Wild Bill Hickok, who made his name famous by dueling with Dave Tutt will be explored, the audience will actually  see the original article recounting that duel in Harper's Weekly in 1869. Other artifacts will be on display and a Powerpoint will enhance each weekly program.


  1. Dueling as it developed in the Middle Ages and the full background of the Hamilton-Burr Duel.
  2. Various duels using the knife as a weapon, the most famous involving Jim Bowie at the Vidalia Sandbar Duel.
  3. The widespread production of dueling pistols and the greatest dueler in our history, Andrew Jackson.
  4. The use of the sword as a dueling weapon used by some of our Presidents
     and Generals during the Revolutionary War.

About the Instructor

  • Marc Newman is a historian and author of 70 national and international publications, books and articles. As a radio co-host he created History On The Air in New York. Newman has been the recipient of numerous awards in education and history on the national and state levels; including New York and Florida. (National Teacher's Medal of Excellence by the Freedom Foundation. He has appeared on several television programs, including "On The River" The Chaining of the Hudson River, portraying British Major John Andre. As a public speaker, he appeared throughout New York, Washington, DC and Florida. Newman was highlighted on the C-SPAN American History Channel nation-wide. He was also chosen by FUJI TV to present a show in Japan for Mystery International.

Upcoming programs presented by Marc Newman.

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One-Time FPL11144 Marc Newman Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders
Thursday, November 14: 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
4wk SUM341D Marc Newman The Dueling Cavaliers
Wednesdays, September 4, 11, 18, 25: 10:00 am - 11:30 am