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The Conspiracy of Uncle Tom's Cabin: Prescription for War!

Marc Newman
Arts & Letters / History

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Uncle Tom's Cabin is a thoughtful program of the literary work, the reason for its creation, influence and impact. It will concentrate on the reasons why Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the book, as well as pre-existing works that helped her gather information for the content of the book. How Uncle Tom's Cabin became a propaganda tool by both novelists in the North and South, creating a virtual literary war will be examined. Inclusive will be the spin-off merchandising of Uncle Tom's Cabin in various projects such as: playing cards, stage shows and silent motion pictures. "Myster History" will display numerous artifacts, from the original first edition of the two volume set of Uncle Tom's Cabin to slave novels by Northern and Southern writers as well as translated editions, serialized newspapers, the Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin and various merchandise of the 1850s, when the book was published. This program is a journey through a literary work considered the greatest publication in the 19th century, second only to the Bible!

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  • Marc Newman is a historian and author of 70 national and international publications, books and articles. As a radio co-host, he created History On The Air in New York. Newman has been the recipient of numerous awards in education and history on the national and state levels, including New York and Florida. (National Teacher's Medal of Excellence by the Freedom Foundation. He has appeared on several television programs, including "On The River" The Chaining of the Hudson River, portraying British Major John Andre. As a public speaker, he appeared throughout New York, Washington, DC and Florida. Newman was highlighted on the C-SPAN American History Channel nation-wide. He was also chosen by FUJI TV to present a show in Japan for Mystery International.

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