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Barbara Walters:  News Trailblazer

Rose Feinberg
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Barbara Walters is considered the trailblazer for female reporters and journalists today. She was a legend, an icon, and a role model throughout the world. She not only reported history but also made history on the air for more than fifty years. Learn about Barbara’s early life, including her father’s nightclubs and how her sister’s handicap impacted Barbara. Her marriages, her child, and a dangerous affair all happened during her steps to stardom. Explore the decisions she made in her career and the challenges that led to her becoming a trailblazer. The Barbara Walter Specials and Celebrity Interviews are part of television history. You will gain insights into her personality and behind-the-scenes events. Her death in December 2022 brought her impact to the forefront, with many attesting to her contributions. Images and videos will enhance this lecture.

About the Instructor

  • Rose Feinberg, Ed.D.,earned her doctoral degree in education from Boston University. She was a school principal in Massachusetts, as well as a respected lecturer. She served as an adjunct faculty member at FAU for eight years, teaching graduate courses in curriculum and school administration. She is a well-known lecturer in South Florida and has developed many topics for presentations, which include PowerPoint presentations with pictures and videos. Her lectures are extensively researched and her theater training and personality make her a dynamic lecturer.