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Marilyn Monroe: Her Complex Life and Icon Status - Boca Raton

Rose Feinberg
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Marilyn Monroe is an international icon even today. Learn about the life of this complicated, sensitive, talented woman who overcame a very difficult childhood and troubled early years to become an international celebrity. Discover how she moved from model to movie star and the challenges she encountered along the way. Learn about the reasons for her marriages to Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller and her relationships with each. Marilyn’s fling with President John F. Kennedy is widely known and impacted her toward the end of her life. Her tragic death at age thirty-six has mysteries that writers continue to explore. There are surprising aspects about her estate after her death and the legacy she left. Why is Marilyn Monroe still an icon so long after her death? This question and other key questions will be explored. The lecture is enhanced using PowerPoint with pictures and video clips.

About the Instructor

  • Rose Feinberg, Ed.D.,earned her doctoral degree in education from Boston University. She was a school principal in Massachusetts, as well as a respected lecturer. She served as an adjunct faculty member at FAU for eight years, teaching graduate courses in curriculum and school administration. She is a well-known lecturer in South Florida and has developed many topics for presentations, which include PowerPoint presentations with pictures and videos. Her lectures are extensively researched and her theater training and personality make her a dynamic lecturer.