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Multiple Intelligences: How People Can Be Smart in Different Ways

Rose Feinberg
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The idea that people can be smart in ways not reflected on IQ tests is based on the work of Dr. Howard Gardner, Harvard University professor and author of "Frames of Mind." His theory of Multiple Intelligences recognizes eight intelligences that can be demonstrated in different ways. These will be explained through examples of famous people, career applications, and leisure activities people with each intelligence often choose. Participants will make connections to their own lives, as well as to family members and friends. One goal is to expand how we recognize intelligence. Pictures and video clips will enhance this lecture and help you make connections.

About the Instructor

  • Rose Feinberg, Ed.D.,earned her doctoral degree in education from Boston University. She was a school principal in Massachusetts, as well as a respected lecturer. She served as an adjunct faculty member at FAU for eight years, teaching graduate courses in curriculum and school administration. She is a well-known lecturer in South Florida and has developed many topics for presentations, which include PowerPoint presentations with pictures and videos. Her lectures are extensively researched and her theater training and personality make her a dynamic presenter.