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Dances of Love, Joy and Dreams! Lecture-Recital: Tango, Waltz, Folk & More

Sofiya Uryvayeva Martin
Music / Arts & Letters

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When we listen to dance music, the blood dances in our veins and in our hearts. This concert will contain dances of love, dances of joy, and dances of dreams. Dance is known as “the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.” This magical program proves it very well. It consists of passionate tangos, brilliant waltzes, sensual ballet dances and more. Dance is a fantastic way to lose ourselves in the undulating rhythm of the music. It helps us forget all the problems in our lives and allows us simply to enjoy the moment. Come and lose yourself at an unforgettable evening featuring pianist  Uryvayeva Martin. In her inimitable style, Uryvayeva Martin will present one of her unique lecture-recitals. As a pianist as well as a highly knowledgeable musician she offers a double serving of enjoyment. You will hear intriguing stories from the lives of the great composers,  and, of course, their music! The combination of a recital and interesting anecdotes adds a new, deeper dimension to the audience’s experience. Prepare to enjoy, learn and have fun!

About the Instructor

  • Originally from Siberia, pianist, Sofiya Uryvayeva Martin, PhD, was granted an "Einstein visa" due to her superlative achievements in the music field. She has performed with great success throughout the world, including in the United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Italy, and Austria. Her YouTube channel has become very popular in promoting classical music around the world, with many videos of her live performances. Modern composers from all over the world have dedicated their music to her, and she has performed numerous world premieres. Uryvayeva Martin's concerts have been described by critics as "a festival of all the senses," "a magic ride on the witch's broom," and "brilliant technique with soul."

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