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Expressing Art Imaginatively 

Terryl Lawrence
Arts & Letters

Course Description

This series is intended to broaden hands-on experiences in painting for creators looking for new directions in which to experiment. We will work both figuratively and abstractly by using drawing, painting, photographs, and collage to develop new ways of seeing. There will be discussions of the techniques employed by Pablo Picasso, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and others. Individuality will be stressed, and new styles tested, tried, and found. Materials will be provided. This class is not recommended for people just beginning to make art. Space is limited.


  1. Sources of Inspiration: Abstracting from Reality
  2. The Figure or Nature as Catalyst
  3. Inspired by Photography: Your Own or Found
  4. Collage as Resource: Under-Painting and Texture.
  5. Combining Graphic Art and/or Text with Painting
  6. Color and Composition
  7. Emotions
  8. Freedom

About the Instructor

  • Terryl Lawrence, Ed.D. earned her doctorate in the Arts from Columbia University. She has had numerous exhibitions of her paintings and photographs in New York and Florida and is the recipient of many awards, including a national grant in the Humanities. She currently teaches Art History at Palm Beach State College and is a published writer.