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Truman Capote: The Making and Breaking of a Celebrity

Matt Klauza
Arts & Letters / History
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Truman Capote is known for two of his novels: "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" and "In Cold Blood". He is even more renowned for his self-created stardom, his scandalous behavior, his “Ball of the Century,” and his gossip-style exposé of Hollywood stars. This talk addresses the rise and fall of the most famous secret-teller of the 20th century. Familiarity with any of the following Capote works is helpful, but not required: "Miriam", "In Cold Blood", "Breakfast at Tiffany’s", "Answered Prayers", or "A Christmas Memory". A PowerPoint will be used to enhance the program.

About the Instructor

  • Matthew Klauza, Ph.D., is an English and literature professor at Palm Beach State College. He has presented on literary topics literally across the country (from New Orleans to Michigan, from Philadelphia to San Francisco, and several places in between). Klauza is a two-time Mark Twain Research Fellowship winner with the Center for Mark Twain Studies in New York, and he has lived for several weeks as a scholar-in-residence in Mark Twain's summer home while working hands-on with Twain's manuscripts and typescripts. He earned his doctorate in American Literature from Auburn University in Alabama.