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A Walk Through Paris

Valerie Sutter
Video Catch-up

Course Description

Armchair travelers, well-heeled tourists, and avid Francophiles alike are invited to return with us to the City of Lights. Whether you're "visiting" Paris for the very first time, preparing for an actual trip, or reminiscing about a city you fell in love with years ago, join us as we revisit old haunts and discover new ones, renew our knowledge of French history, discover people who have changed the course of French history and delve into some of their dark secrets. We'll entertain you with music, videos, stories, facts, photos, and love of Paris. Bon voyage!


  1. Paris Above & Below: Scaling the heights, plumbing the depths
  2. The neighborhoods of Montmartre & Montparnasse
  3. La Belle Epoque: Paris at the height of its intellectual & artistic glory
  4. The Dreyfus Affair: intrigue and treachery in the heart of the French Army
  5. The Latin Quarter and the Marais
  6. Five fascinating women who changed the course history

About the Instructor

  • Valerie Sutter, a former language teacher, gained her passion for French culture during her 30+ years of living overseas, and shares this passion through the French language workshops she organizes in France every summer. She owns an apartment in Paris and spends six months of the year in France when she’s not otherwise occupied in Miami. She loves sharing her Parisian life with others and welcomes you to join her on a walk-through of Paris.