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Guided Discussion: Russia: An Outlaw Regime at War

Andrew Kahn

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President Putin of the Russian Federation ordered an unprovoked invasion of the neighboring country Ukraine in 2014, and quickly occupied two eastern Ukrainian provinces and the Crimean peninsula. On February 24, 2022, Russia sent hundreds of thousands of troops into Ukraine, attacked Kyiv, the capital, and occupied much of four eastern provinces, killing tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians and destroying much of the country's infrastructure. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, is regarded as a hero for standing up to the much larger, more powerful foe. In this guided discussion, we will explore key questions that center on the major issues of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. For example, should Ukraine focus on the liberation of Crimea as its most important military objective? What is the likelihood that Putin will order the use of nuclear weapons? Join the discussion! Space is limited.

About the Instructor

  • Andrew Kahn is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pittsburgh. He has done graduate work in Political Science at the University of Maryland and the New School University in New York. Kahn has taught at St. Cloud University in Minnesota and Western Connecticut University in Danbury. He helped found AEGIS, the Association for Education in Global/International Studies, at Stanford University. He is a world traveler.