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What Happened to Today's Sweden? The Middle Way is No Longer in the Middle!

Andrew Kahn

Course Description

Sweden is a modern Social Democratic country, going through several gut-wrenching changes. What was true in the recent past, what Sweden was famous for, no longer seems commonplace. In this new Lecture-Discussion format, several key issues will be examined: Rising socio-economic inequality in a majority middle-class society; gun violence and illegal drugs in a traditional law-abiding culture; right-wing extremism growing in a heavily left-wing political arena; the newly developing preference for private medicine in place of socialized-medicine; applying to join NATO after more than a century of strict foreign neutrality; and a growing rejection of new immigrants in a nation having accepted the highest per capita influx of migrants in Europe. The session, divided equally between a power-point lecture and a guided discussion, will explore and analyze current trends in Swedish society. Note: Kahn has visited Sweden many times, studied the Swedish language via Stockholm University, and currently has family living in the country. Space is limited.

About the Instructor

  • Andrew Kahn is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pittsburgh. He has done graduate work in Political Science at the University of Maryland and the New School University in New York. Kahn has taught at St. Cloud University in Minnesota and Western Connecticut University in Danbury. He helped found AEGIS, the Association for Education in Global/International Studies, at Stanford University. He is a world traveler.