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Will China Soon Rule the World at the Apex of a New Global Order?

Andrew Kahn
International Relations / Current Events
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China's president, Xi Jinping, has life-tenure, giving him the time and opportunity to implement a master plan to achieve global economic supremacy. So far, he seems to be up to the task. Take for example China's Belt and Road Initiative, now in the process of linking to 65 different countries. Add to this the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, the latter a free-trade alliance among 16 East Asian nations. Will Western-based financial institutions be able to compete with the Chinese on an equal footing? Built on the "Middle Kingdom" concept, Chinese dynastic civilization has endured for thousands of years. Chinese emperors have laid claim to the apex of world order, expecting all other monarchs and countries to "kowtow" or bow to their suzerainty. Cultural and political assertiveness appears to put China on a current collision course with the U.S.. As China and America contest for naval control of the South and East China Seas, they find themselves caught in what Professor Graham Allison calls, "Thucydides Trap." China's emergence as a global political, economic, and military power will impact world order. Will it also result in a decline in America's prestige and power? The lecturer will provide an answer.


  1. Xi Jinping and China's Economic Leadership
  2. China is a Civilization-State with a "Middle Kingdom" Mentality
  3. China and America are Caught in "Thucydides Trap"
  4. Signs of an Emerging New Global Order

About the Instructor

  • Andrew Kahn has studied political science at Johns Hopkins University and the New School University in New York. He has taught at St. Cloud University and Western Connecticut University. Mr. Kahn helped found the Association for Education in Global-International Studies at Stanford University. He is a world traveler.

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