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The Quad: Counterbalancing China in the Indo-Pacific

Andrew Kahn
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This lecture will examine the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or "Quad," the strategic security dialogue between the United States, India, Japan, and Australia, that is maintained by talks between member countries, paralleled by joint Naval military exercises known as "Exercise Malabar." The Chinese government refers to the Quad as "Asian NATO." "Quad" members share a vision for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific (as opposed to "Asian-Pacific") rules-based maritime order in Asian waters. Explore the impact that "The Quad" has in the areas of Covid-19 vaccines, environmental issues, technology advances, military, and economic concerns.

About the Instructor

  • Andrew Kahn is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pittsburgh. He has done graduate work in Political Science at the University of Maryland and the New School University in New York. Kahn has taught at St. Cloud University in Minnesota and Western Connecticut University in Danbury. He helped found AEGIS, the Association for Education in Global/International Studies, at Stanford University. He is a world traveler.