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The Soul, Sounds, History and Secrets of Yiddish - Boca Raton

Riva Ginsburg
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Yiddish is a culture of words, ideas, learning, expressions, and communication. It is an identity with a comic and tragic past that continues to inspire diverse feelings. It is a language rooted in Eastern European-Jewish history and became the "linguistic homeland" of a people without a home. It was a language without borders that connected Jews, giving them a sense of continuity. Yiddish emerged and developed out of the joys and the tragedies of a people. This lecture will explore a little history, some insights, treasures and wisdom and a bissle humor. Riva Ginsburg continues to offer unique and entertaining programs that capture the essence of Mameloshen....mother tongue. One of her passions is to keep Yiddish alive in our hearts and minds.

About the Instructor

  • Riva Ginsburg has taught Yiddish Language and Culture at both the State University of New York (SUNY) Binghamton and Florida Atlantic University.  While at Binghamton, she was credited as having the largest Yiddish program in the country with over 100 students each semester. She presents lectures and courses through Lifelong Learning at FAU as well as synagogues, country clubs and various organizations. Riva was born in a displaced person camp in Fahrenvald, Germany after World War II and Yiddish was her native tongue. As a daughter of Holocaust Resistance fighters, she lectures on Jewish Resistance and the Generation After the Holocaust.  She received an undergraduate degree at Stony Brook University and completed graduate work in the field of education and conflict management.