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Vision is Magic! How Magic Tricks Can Reveal the Inner Workings of the Human Brain

Oge Marques
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Vision is our most developed sense and one upon which we rely to make many decisions, conscious or otherwise. For the most part, this works well. But sometimes, we are reminded of our visual system's limitations through visual illusions or magic tricks. This lecture will introduce the new discipline of the neuroscience of magic, or simply neuromagic, a branch of cognitive neuroscience that has enlisted some of the world's greatest magicians to allow scientists to study their techniques for tricking the brain. Using a rich set of images and videos, Marques will present examples that will illustrate how and why our brain gets fooled by clever magic tricks and conclude that our sense of vision is, indeed, magic.

About the Instructor

  • Oge Marques, Ph.D. is a professor of computer science and engineering at Florida Atlantic University. He is a world-renowned expert in the fields of image processing, computer vision, human vision, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. His current research focuses on applying AI to healthcare. He is the author of 11 technical books, one patent, and more than 150 scientific articles in his fields of expertise. Marques is a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer and a fellow of the AAAS Leshner Leadership Institute. He has won several awards, including the Engineers’ Council John J. Guarrera Engineering Educator of the Year Award, (2019) and the FAU Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching Award, (2018, 2011, 2004).