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Brooklyn:  It's a State of Mind

Bill Gralnick
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Brooklyn is iconic. Almost everyone knows where it is and its reputation. It is worthy of a book. Countless have been written! In this lecture, Gralnick, who wrote one of those books, "The War of the Itchy Balls and Other Tales From Brooklyn," will regale you with some of his favorite stories and urge the audience to share some of theirs. Stories that will be enjoyed include Itchy Balls (no relation to a gym fungus) and the "war" of which they were a part,  the accent(s), and how the author was broken of having one, Ebbetts Field, a teacher or two, the games we played - cards, marbles, box ball, stoop ball, stickball, punchball, Johnny on the Pony, and a few more or less. This one-time event is sure to please any Brooklynite!

About the Instructor

  • Bill Gralnick attended PS 217 and Midwood High School. He attended George Washington University (twice), has a certificate in Urban Planning from the U. of Pittsburgh, and an Honorary Doctorate from FAU. Throughout his career, he has had approximately 900 op-ed pieces published in newspapers around the country, and for seven years, he was a columnist for the Boca News. He has published four books, one of which is "The War of the Itchy Balls and Other Tales from Brooklyn." Bill is also a columnist for the Brooklyn Eagle, a paper that has been publishing since the mid- 1800’s.