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Objection! Current, Contentious and, Confusing Legal Battles - Boca Raton

Irving Labovitz

Course Description

Expect more unabated Constitutional and legal crises for students to consider, but without a "tilt" to any that remains your sole prerogative! (4 illustrations)
(1) When a former U.S. President is indicted for alleged federal or state felonies can he run for the same office? What if awaiting trial? What if a convicted felon? What if (then) incarcerated? Does the Constitution inform any such happenings? (2) Abortion lost Constitutional protection in 2022, but what about state constitutional protections? (3) Can state courts use their own Constitutions to avoid gerrymandering, despite the Supreme Court leaving almost total latitude in state legislatures to form Congressional districts? (4) In 2022, the Supreme Court expanded Amendment II beyond keeping guns for self-defense in one's home. What happens next? These few queries are but "tips of ongoing and additional contentious Constitution and legal icebergs" to be considered in our often lively interactive class discussions. In these expected remarkable and still-unchartered legal "waters," there will likely be actual "Titanic"-value issues warranting thoughtful legally grounded analysis in our class, as distinguished from mere political  meanderings, as Constitutional "life jackets" will remain available to OLLI classmates. Finally, all are invited to our long-standing first pre-class 30-minute primer to assist in your evaluating relative success of developing conflicting arguments upon volatile Constitutional and legal issues. Returning participants are also always welcome to this modest pre-class reunion.

About the Instructor

  • Irving Labovitz, J.D., is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and holds a Juris Doctor from Boston University School of Law. He is a member of the Massachusetts and Washington, DC Bars and also admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as multiple federal appellate and trial courts. He has authored many scholarly law review articles and has been a lecturer for the American Bar Association and Commercial Law League of America. He has been a military prosecutor, a member of the legal staff at the Federal Trade Commission, and engaged by the FDIC as contract counsel to provide legal assistance in liquidating failed banks. He has previously taught as an adjunct professor at Western New England College of Law, acted as co-chair of an urban law firm, and as general counsel for a large corporation. Since 2003, he remains an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University.