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Under Jerusalem: The Buried History of the World's Most Contested City- Boca Raton
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Andrew Lawler
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Our special speaker, acclaimed journalist Andrew Lawler, brings the past to life in this one-time event. This lecture will take you under Jerusalem, into the tombs, tunnels, and trenches of the Holy City. It brings to life the indelible characters who have investigated this subterranean landscape. With clarity and verve, Lawler reveals how their pursuit has not only defined the conflict over modern Jerusalem but could provide a map for two peoples and three faiths to peacefully coexist. A book signing will follow this presentation.

About the Instructor

  • Andrew Lawler is author of three books, Under Jerusalem: The Buried History of the World’s Most Contested City, The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke, a national bestseller, and Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?: The Epic Saga of the Bird that Powers Civilization. As a journalist, he has written more than a thousand newspaper and magazine articles from more than two dozen countries. His byline has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Geographic, Smithsonian, and many others. He is contributing writer for Science and contributing editor for Archaeology. Andrew’s work has appeared several times in The Best of Science and Nature Writing.