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Eyewitness to History:  My Time at Cape Canaveral during the Space Race - Boca Raton

Jeff Hessel
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Join Jeff Hessel as he recounts his incredible journey at Cape Canaveral, ground zero of our space program. After graduating with an engineering degree, he started his career with the Apollo program at the Cape during the height of the Space Race. The presentation includes the history of the Cape, why the location was selected, competition with the Soviet Union, rare archival footage of JFK’s last visit to the Cape, six days before his tragic trip to Dallas, witnessing the Apollo 11 launch, and much more. The presentation combines history, some little-known facts, and Jeff’s own experiences. His behind-the-scenes narrative about this unique time in our history is both educational and entertaining.

About the Instructor

  • Jeff Hessel, BS Mechanical Engineering, is a graduate of City College of New York (CCNY). He continued his engineering studies at University of Michigan and NYU. Upon graduating in 1968, he worked at Cape Canaveral during the height of the Space Race and the time of the Apollo Program. He has presented to numerous communities and organizations about this topic. He is currently working on a book recounting the early days of Cape Canaveral.