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GroovyTek: Basics of the Smartphone and Tablet - Boca Raton

Nicholas DeAngelis

Course Description

Learn everything you need to know about your smartphone or tablet! Join GroovyTek as they share all the basics of using your smartphone or tablet. Ever wondered how to take pictures and share them? Or how to use the basic apps already included on your device, such as setting an alarm and accessing your email? Wonder no longer! In this series, you will learn how to customize your phone, including the background photo, sounds, brightness, and much more. Participants are encouraged to bring their own devices, as in-class exercises and demos will provide a high level of engagement for participants. Space is limited.


  1. Tablet/Smartphone Basics: The difference between turning off the tablet, gestures, and powering it down. The differences between smartphone manufacturers.
  2. Tablet/Smartphone Settings: How to customize your device. Moving apps to the home page, organizing them in folders, notifications, control center, and factory-default apps.
  3. App Store Basics: Learn how to use Google Play and Apple App Store. Types of media you can purchase, from music to movies to books, and how to access them.
  4. Getting Started with Apps: Overview of a variety of apps and their uses, ranging from stargazing to online banking apps that allow you to deposit checks remotely.
  5. System Settings and Setup: Tutorial on the common settings, ranging from security settings to font size and accessibility.
  6. Picture Sharing, Storage, and External Connections: Learn how to share pictures and make external connections, like connecting to speakers or a TV display. Learn how to back up your data.

About the Instructor

  • Nicholas DeAngelis is a bright and dedicated technology professional. As one of GroovyTek's foremost Florida Technology Trainers, he is an expert at taking the pain out of personal technology. Trained to CompTia A+ certificate standards, he can accurately diagnose and resolve a wide swathe of issues on computers, cellphones and tablets. Teaching is his passion, and he loves to see the ways in which technology can improve the lives of people of all ages.