Program Details

GroovyTek "Tekfun": Taking Control of Your Personal Technology

Bernard Nixon

Course Description

Join GroovyTek to learn the skills you need to engage with and explore your personal technology with confidence. This series uses relatable and understandable terms that resonate with today's technology. On-screen visuals and occasional hand-outs support the topics. Instruction will be highly hands-on, with extensive Q&A and interaction. Participants will leave with an expanded knowledge of what their personal technology can do and gain an overall comfort in using their devices.  Space is limited.


  1. The Technology Landscape: An overview of the advance of technology through the years, focused on the major "tech companies" of consumer electronics.
  2. Your Tech Inventory: Learn where your devices fit into the "big picture" of consumer electronics and how to make the most of them.
  3. Online Security: Learn best practices for navigating the online world of social media, banking, and fraud.
  4. Digital Platforms: Pros and cons of different communications platforms like Zoom; learn how to stay connected with friends and family.
  5. All About Apps: There are dozens of apps for just as many purposes; learn which ones can make your day-to-day easier.
  6. Cutting the Cord: Online streaming comes in many forms; live TV, original content, and specialty providers. Learn how to cut your cable bill and only pay for what you watch.

About the Instructor

  • Bernard Nixon is a seasoned Technology Trainer with GroovyTek, with over four years of experience troubleshooting, training and otherwise assisting customers with patience and empathy. He takes a personalized approach to teaching complex topics and "boiling them down" to the relevant essentials. His goal is the same as that of GroovyTek; to help everyday people become confident navigating personal technology independently and on their own terms. He loves the "lightbulb" moments that he creates with customers and in classes, and is eager to share his knowledge with students past and future. He has expertise in the full gamut of personal technology; Windows, Mac, tablets, smartphones and smart devices are all in his wheelhouse.