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Our History:  The Names Behind Boca’s Key Places and Roads

Christine Kassover
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Have you ever wondered how Clint Moore Road got its name? Who Yamato and Butts were? What about Don Estridge, the Lynn Family, George Snow, and many others whose names dot the Boca Raton landscape? In this lecture, we will travel in time to the earlier days of Boca Raton and meet the namesakes of the parks, schools, roads, and other locations around Boca Raton that we know, or thought we knew, so well. We will learn about Boca’s roots as a farming community and the residents who helped our hometown grow, and we will also delve into the darker episodes that have shaped our city, too, including the tragedies that led to the establishment of the Karen Slattery Child Development Center and Boca Raton Regional Hospital. Join us as we take a closer look at the bygone local movers and shakers, hometown celebrities, and national figures, examining their legacies and discovering how Boca today pays tribute to their contributions.

About the Instructor

  • Christine Kassover is an Instructor and tutor at FAU and Palm Beach State College specializing in English for Academic Purposes reading and writing and higher education verbal test preparation. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from FAU's College of Education. She received her Bachelor's degree in communication from FAU and her Master's in communication from the University of Miami. Committed to continuing her involvement in the FAU community, she served as president of the FAU National Alumni Association for two terms and was a founding member of the Parliament of Owls.