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From Fins to Fantasy: The History of the Automobile Industry in America and the World

Martin Green

Course Description

This series will examine the dramatic transitions in the automobile industry from its inception to modern 21st-century technology. Topics will include the relationship of fins in automobile design to economic growth post-World War II. We will look at automobiles and trucks' electrification and the transition from internal combustion engines to electric power. The conversation will include what is expected in the forthcoming twenty years, which will see the transformation of gas stations as we know them into facilities that can power electric and other alternative fuel technologies. Daily American life is rapidly changing, and the automobile industry is leading the charge! Space is limited.


  1. The advent of the automobile
  2. Life is on the move due to the American Highway System
  3. Fins are all the rage in car design after World War II
  4. Electric cars and their impact on American Life

About the Instructor

  • Martin Green, D.C. has been an avid car collector and enthusiast for 42 years and has lectured on cruise ships on the history of the automobile industry and the evolution of the car hobby. He has extensively studied how the U.S. economy continues to be influenced by the automobile industry, particularly fuel prices and the socioeconomic implications thereof.