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The Forgotten Tudors and the "What Ifs" of English History

Ben Lowe
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Tudor monarchs Henry VII, Edward VI, and Mary Tudor, are usually overshadowed by their more famous relatives, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. But this lecture with PowerPoint will explore the lives of these forgotten Tudors and assess both the accomplishments and failures of their reigns; each fundamentally transformed England with their policies. Personal stories will be interwoven with political and religious events. Bringing to light the significance of these lesser-known Tudor monarchs allows for a better appreciation of this important dynasty in world history and demonstrates how the "accidents" of history can profoundly impact the future.

About the Instructor

  • Ben Lowe, Ph.D. is currently a professor and the chair of FAU's history department of which he's been a member for 29 years. Lowe earned his doctoral degree in Early Modern European History from Georgetown University and specializes in Tudor-Stuart England and Renaissance/Reformation Europe (c.1350-1790). Loew has a particular interest in religious and intellectual history and political culture, and has published extensively in these fields.