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Why is Murder Wrong? Exploring Philosophical Ethics

Michael Gold

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We all probably agree that the murder of an innocent person is wrong. But why? Pinning down a reason is extremely difficult. Philosophers have developed multiple philosophical theories, from ethical subjectivism to cultural relativism, from divine command theory to virtue ethics, from natural law to utilitarianism, and from deontology to feminine care ethics. We will explore these various ethical answers, each containing difficulties, before coming up with a final answer of our own. Join this fascinating journey through a major area of philosophy. Space is limited. New time.

About the Instructor

  • Rabbi Michael Gold, Ph.D. serves as the spiritual leader of Temple Beth Shalom in Boca Raton, FL. He earned his doctoral degree from Florida Atlantic University with a dissertation on process philosophy and Jewish mysticism. He is an adjunct professor of philosophy and religion at Broward and Miami-Dade Colleges. He is the author of seven books, most recently, "The Rabbi's Sex Class." His newest book "Does the Universe Have a Soul?" will be published shortly.