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Improvisational Theater: Creating Comedy Through Agreement and Support

Anthony Cutaia

Course Description

Get ready to break a leg! This interactive, hands-on series is an opportunity to get the show on the road! Participants will learn to perform as a group, solo, and as a duo. By working together, this acting troupe will create scenes, relationships, and dialogue, from basic suggestions. By the end of the seventh week, participants will be ready to invite their friends and family to their final performance! Space is limited.


  1. Agreement: Saying Yes to Ideas
  2. Support: Taking an Idea and Adding to It.
  3. Improv Scene Basics: Three Steps to Good Scene Starts
  4. The Two Person Scene: Listening and Supporting Your Partner
  5. Improv Games: Short Form Improv to Help Drive Home the Basics
  6. Group Improv: Large Group Supported Scene Work and Edits
  7. Musical Improv: Simple Song Structure and Powerful Emotion
  8. Improv Performance: Apply Everything into a Single Performance

About the Instructor

  • Anthony Cutaia was an improv performer and teacher since 2012. He teaches improv to seniors, special populations, teens and adults. Born in NY, NY and transplanted to Boca Raton at an early age, Cutaia has lived in Florida most of his life. Cutaia is the founder of Improv U where he teaches and performs improvisational theater as well as hold workshops for groups and company staff on applied improv.