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You Are What You Eat: What it Means to Be Certified Organic

Kelly Korman

Course Description

This lecture will explain what it takes to be "certified organic" so that you, the consumer, can make an informed decision when purchasing organic groceries. A brief history of the organic movement in the United States, organic crop production, organic livestock production, and other hot topics such as organic processing, organic honey, and container production will be explored. A PowerPoint presentation and handouts will be provided, as well. This lecture aims to provide a greater understanding of what "organic" means so that you can feel confident in the label and movement. Space is limited.

About the Instructor

  • Kelly Korman, M.A. is the Livestock Department Supervisor at California Certified Organic Farmers, where she ensures organic compliance for crop and livestock products. She is also an organic consultant supporting farmers and ranchers with her company Common Ground Organic Consulting. Korman has researched and worked in the food system for 10 years, with roles including the management of the University of Florida student agricultural garden, certification as a Master Herdsman, and a University of Florida Extension Food System Specialist throughout Northeast Florida. Korman earned a master's degree from the University of Florida in Women's Studies in 2013. In her spare time she enjoys knitting, reading, and being in the ocean.