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Shut Up and Sing? Why Pop Culture Should Matter to American Politics - Boca Raton

Kristin Shockley
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Course Description

This four-part series will analyze the many ways that pop culture matters to American politics and society revealing how pop culture enhances American democracy. Examples from songs, musicals, movies and celebrities from the 1940s to today will demonstrate the interaction between pop culture and American politics and society.


  1. Why Pop Culture and Politics?: Understand the numerous ways in which pop culture can affect American politics and society.
  2. Pop Culture and Political Communication: Explore how pop culture serves as a form of political communication on policies, values, norms and identities.
  3.  Pop Culture and Political Activism: How pop culture artifacts, songs and pop culture actors, such as sports figures, and musicians influence political activities.
  4. Pop Culture and Identity Formation: How pop culture can affect our understanding of racial, ethnic, gender and class identities.

About the Instructor

  • Kristin Shockley, M.A. is a senior instructor in the FAU department of political science since 2007. With a background in both history and political science, she teaches a broad array of courses in the sub-fields of American government and politics, comparative politics, and international relations. Her research examines the intersections of religion and politics and politics and popular culture.