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The Politics of Hamilton

Kristin Shockley
Politics / History
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This series uses the award-winning Broadway musical "Hamilton" to address both key moments in our nation's founding and issues in modern America. Using "Hamilton" as a framework, we will follow the chronology of the musical from before the American Revolution to Alexander Hamilton's death during Jefferson's presidency. Drawing on primary and secondary sources, the series will examine the politics of Hamilton on three levels. First, the politics of the historical figure of Hamilton. Second, the politics of the historical figure of Hamilton as depicted in the musical. And finally, the politics of "Hamilton," the musical itself. How does the musical speak to and interact with American politics in the 21st century?


  1. Introducing “Hamilton,” the musical, critical assessments of the musical, and how it sheds light on American history and modern American politics.
  2. Hamilton, the early years, and the American Revolution.
  3. Hamilton, the Washington administration and the farewell address.
  4. Hamilton, the election of 1800, and the duel and death of Hamilton.

About the Instructor

  • Kristin Shockley, M.A. is a senior instructor in the FAU department of political science since 2007. With a background in both history and political science, she teaches a broad array of courses in the sub-fields of American government and politics, comparative politics, and international relations. Her research examines the intersections of religion and politics and politics and popular culture.