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Jensen, Gabriel

Jensen, Gabriel

Gabriel Jensen is an underwater photographer, biochemist, and naturalist with a particular passion for connecting audiences with the colorful and charismatic microfauna found in the shallow seas of the Tropical Western Atlantic. He currently serves on the board of directors for the South Florida Underwater Photography Society (SFUPS), where he works to connect all levels of underwater photographers, ocean explorers, and marine scientists with the tools and mentorship they need to take their work to the next level. With a particular interest in the exotic sea slugs found right in the densely populated urban jungle of South Florida, Gabriel has contributed his finds to popular publications and scientific journals, including the "Blue Heron Bridge Guide," "Scuba Diver Magazine," "Florida United Malacologists," and more.
Kyle Jeter

Jeter, Kyle

Mr. Jeter has taught Astronomy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, since 1994. He was the 2017 Broward County Teacher of the Year and a 2018 ACEAP Ambassador to Chile. Throughout his career Mr. Jeter has had the great fortune of participating in a wide range of experiences that help engage his audiences - from flying in a "Zero-G" aircraft to launching a series of high-altitude balloons into the stratosphere. Mr. Jeter and his colleagues also built "Marjory's Garden" on the campus of MSDHS, which has served as both a catalyst for STEM projects and as a mental health refuge for the students and staff of the school. He has written Astronomy articles for local publications and is a part-time librarian and public speaker. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and being an amateur photographer and musician. Mr. Jeter lives in Coral Springs and is a father of 2.
Diann Johnson

Johnson, Diann

Diann Johnson is a photographer specializing in travel, nature, wildlife, culture and underwater subjects. She has traveled extensively around the world to many cities, countries, continents, oceans and jungles. Her work has been published through Getty Images and many online and print publications. She has worked in local television and with globally known media companies and corporations.
Lana Jones

Jones, Lana

Lana Jones, Ph.D., is currently an instructor in the psychology department at FAU. Jones earned her doctoral degree in neuroscience from the University of Miami and her master’s degree in experimental psychology from FAU. She is primarily focused on utilizing positive psychology techniques, improving pedagogic approaches, and providing an equitable and inclusive environment in the college classroom. She is also pursuing a master's in counselor education in order to provide counseling services to clients in the future.